Youth Ministry Development Group

Youth Ministry is a mission responding to the needs of the community with proper action according to the circumstances. The objective of Youth Ministry Development Group is to identify the current situation and needs, and propose the ways to respond, so as to promote the development of Youth Ministry.

In recent years, the main initiatives of Development Group include:

Developing New Media

In cooperate with the Diocesan Audio-Visual Centre, Development Group established online platform “Youth Boiling Point” and made various attempts accordingly. The create of O2O (Online to Offline) pastoral platform is one of those efforts to address the constraints in traditional methods used in youth ministry. Meanwhile, the reform and development of website is also an important step in the development of the use of new media.

Developing basic ecclesial community for youth

Small community of Faith is an ideal platform for youth formation. The activity materials and the skill of facilitators help the development of the small communities of Faith.

Youth Ministry Forum

Large-scale Youth Ministry Forum, which invited people at different levels of the diocese who concern the development of Youth Ministry, has been held to share and discuss the effect and implementation of “Parish-School Collaboration” project. In addition, several small forums have been held to exchange ideas and to discuss Youth Ministry related topics. All the forums are pointing to the same purpose. It is to unite our partners in the diocese who concern youth pastoral work, to facilitate reflection and mutual discussion on the direction and policy of Youth Ministry, and eventually to establish a friendly environment for the formation of young Catholics.

Diploma in Ecclesial Ministry Program: Youth Ministry

Diocesan Youth Commission is invited to be the co-organizer of Diploma in Ecclesial Ministry Program, a 2-year program organized by Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, to operate the Youth Ministry Program (including 100-hour lecture, workshop, study camp and internship program). Development Group is responsible for program design and execution.


In respond to the needs of Youth Ministry and the direction of the Commission, Development Group has published activity packages and publications, such as "The Joyful Way -- Catholic Youth Song Book", "0° Explorer".