Deanery-Parish Youth Ministry Concern Group

Traditionally, the parish is a place for practicing liturgy and pastoral care, the main platform for spiritual nourishment and Catholic community life. The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong established Deanery to promote communication between neighboring parishes and cooperation in pastoral and missionary work. Some parishes have appointed officers or groups to be responsible for youth affairs within parish, and there are also platforms at deanery level to facilitate further communication and collaboration.

The Parish Youth Ministry focuses on the growth of faith of young people in the parish. In the other word, it takes up the mission of “New Evangelization” to young Catholics. Therefore, the role of Deanery-Parish Group is to address the needs for catechesis, spirituality formation and community life of young people, as well as the challenges in youth ministry affairs in parish and deanery levels.

In recent years, the main works of Deanery-Parish Group are:

Formation of Parish Youth Leader

Organizing Young Christian Leader Formation Program and establishing “Catholic Leaders of Youth” community for graduates. There are also youth pastoral workshops organized for young leaders through the above programs.

Networking with Deanery Youth Chaplain and Deanery Youth Group

Assisting by DYC staff from different groups, keep in touch with Deanery Youth Chaplain and existing Deanery Youth Group.

DEY (Diocesan English Youth)

 Contact, support and accompany the English-speaking young Catholic leaders.

Activities to share and promote “YOUCAT” and “DOCAT”

 Provide activity materials to parish youth group to facilitate the learning of catechism.

Trust On Earth monthly retreat

 Monthly retreat in respond to the spiritual need of young Catholics.


Cross-Deanery Youth Gathering, pilot program by Central Kowloon Deanery ad-hoc team, studying the formation program for Sunday school junior facilitators.