Cross-Sectoral Youth Ministry Concern Group

Large-scale youth event plays an important role in Youth Ministry. The mountaintop experience in the festival aroused the enthusiasm of the participants to the Lord and has left beautiful indelible mark on people’s hearts. One of the missions of Cross-Sectoral Group is to provide immersive community experience through different youth festive events.

In fact, the growth of faith of the youth often happens within a Christ-centered community. With the accompany by their companions, the youth identify and respond to the call of the Lord. Besides supporting evangelization in school and pastoral care in parish, Youth Ministry also needs to build up various platforms to connect people with different proficiencies, from different age group, with different interests, to contribute to the young Christian formation. Playing a role in this piece is also the mission of Cross-Sectoral Group.

In recent years, the major projects of Cross-Sectoral Group are:

World Youth Day and Diocesan Youth Day

In respond to the Pope’s invitation, organizing Hong Kong Diocesan delegation and local event to celebrate World Youth Day with the universal Catholic Church.

Asian Youth Day

Organizing Hong Kong Diocesan delegation in respond to Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences’ invitation.

Samuel Camp

Organizing camp for youth who are preparing for or have newly received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Friends of DYC

Building a platform to connect young people and adult who share the vision of DYC, to contribute to the faith formation of youth.

“Our generation”

“Our generation” is more than a KKP column. It is also a place to share the thoughts of youth and their situation with all the member of the Church.


Collecting information of youth activities organized by different groups and parishes, studying the formation program for Sunday school junior facilitators.