Catholic School Ministry Concern Group

The large number of Catholic schools is one of the characteristics of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The Catholic secondary school is especially an imperative field for faith formation and evangelization, where both students and pastoral workers need to be support and taken care of. The mission of Catholic School Group is to be the companion of Catholic teachers and pastoral workers in Catholic schools, and invite students to encounter with Jesus Christ, who will gradually become mature disciples of Christ.

In respond to our mission in School Ministry, Catholic School Group provides diversified services which target students, Catholic teachers and pastoral workers respectively.

In recent years, the main works of Deanery-Parish Group are:

School Ministry Supporting Scheme

It is a scheme to encourage evangelization work through activities. In one hand, our group provides on-site service to facilitate various evangelization activities at school. In the other hand, activity packages based on past activities are also developed and provided to schools.

Catholic society (KATSO) leadership training

Camps (KATSO camp), workshops and KATSO committee companion scheme are organized to strengthen the Catholic community in school and cultivate the ability of Christian leaders.

Spiritual formation and retreat

Besides promoting evangelization in school, it is also necessary to address the need for spiritual growth of the baptized. Therefore, Catholic School Group provides spiritual formation and retreat program for students, Catholic teachers and pastoral workers, as an occasion to experience intimacy with God.

School Pastoral Worker Gathering and Training

To provide thematic training to Catholic teachers and pastoral workers in respond to the need in the times. To enrich those who are devoted to School Ministry.

Other projects

Establish “Pasture”, an online resource sharing platform for school pastoral workers, develop group leader community, develop North-East New Territories Deanery joint-school team